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homesight™ Wireless Easy Start Kit

Stay in touch with the important things in life with our affordable, custom-tailored monitoring, security and control system. The homesight system allows you to see what's happening at home any time. From home, at work, even on vacation, you can keep a watchful eye on what matters most.
  • Watch and hear your baby from the kitchen
  • Know when your kids get home from school - while you're still at work
  • Receive an alert when windows and doors are opened or closed
  • Monitor temperature levels and water leaks in your home*
  • Get real-time notifications if something unexpected occurs

Using your broadband Internet connection, the homesight system keeps you connected to your home and family through your PC or compatible cell phone.** If there's a problem when you're away, the system will alert you - and up to 7 other people that you designate.

When you're on the go, you'll receive text message alerts and still images on your cell phone. From at home or the office, you can view real-time color video clips and still images on your PC. The system will also record events while you're out so you can review color video clips with sound or still images when you return home.

Your system starts here with the Motorola Wireless Easy Start Kit. This kit provides hardware and software to install a homesight system yourself - in just 30 minutes. And because it's wireless, there's no holes to drill or wires to run. Program the wireless camera to record activity at timed intervals or when motion is detected. Program the door/window sensor to recognize the opening or closing of entry points and to trigger cameras for recording.

Then, you can further customize your system to fit your lifestyle with optional accessories, including additional cameras, a Wireless Temperature Sensor, Wireless Power Controller, and more. Whatever options you choose, the homesight system gives you peace of mind, all the time.

* Optional accessory required.

** Mobile phone with text/picture messaging required for mobile remote notification. (Wireless subscription and network support required. Normal air and/or carrier usage charges apply.)

Customize your system and expand your monitoring capabilities by adding other optional accessories:
  • Wired Camera
  • Wireless Camera - Day
  • Wireless Camera - Day/Night
  • Wireless Motion Sensor
  • Wireless Door/Window Sensor
  • Wireless Temperature Sensor
  • Wireless Water Sensor
  • Wireless Repeater
  • Wireless Siren
  • Wireless Power Controller
  • Wireless Keypad Kit
  • Wireless Keypad Keys

Check out the Easy Start Kit (HMEZ1000) from Motorola’s Home Monitoring and Control System product line.

DSI Entertainment Systems started in 1994 with a simple philosophy, "treat your clients like family and they'll tell everybody about you". This simple philosophy has helped DSI grow its client base from 35 clients in 1994 to over five thousand in 2006 with the acquisition of Ambrosia Audio and Video. With every member of the DSI Entertainment Systems team committed to delivering superior customer service, we have been able to grow our company while still taking care of the loyal customers who were with us from the start.
Home Automation - Other Resources And Additions
C2Home Server - Another web-based controller for the CM11a. (Commercial)
EZHome - Amiga software featuring scheduling and ARexx commands. (Freeware?)
House/2 - OS/2 software from the Warped Code Cellar with features similar to X10's ActiveHome, for the CM11a. (Shareware)
InfraFace - Infrared remote control software for the AmigaOS, with InfraBox hardware also available. (Freeware)
X10Gimli - A new programming language designed for home automation purposes running within a Java VM.
Home Automation - Linux and BSD
BlueLava - A CGI interface for X10 controllers. Works with a number of backend programs.
BottleRocket - Command-line interface for the CM17a.
CGI-x10 - A CGI script for controlling BottleRocket over the web.
CP290 Software - Software to control the CP290 interface.
Flipit - Command line CM17a controller.
FreeBSD Home Automation - Guide to resources for home automation under the FreeBSD operating system.
FreeBSD Remote Control Daemons - Programs for home automation under FreeBSD.
GNU Phantom.Home and Phantom.Security - Software for automation and security with diagrams for building the compatible hardware.
GtkX10 - CM17a software with a GUI using GTK+.
heyu - Simple CM11a control.
HomeDaemon - Program events with a CM11a or Applied Digital interface, including a web browser interface. (requires x10d).
Linux HCS - Linux software for the Circuit Cellar HCS II system.
Linux Home Automation - Guide to Linux home automation resources.
Metalab Software Archive - X10_lib, light switch control, x-automate, netlitng, and other software.
MisterHouse - A perl-based home automation program for the CM11a and CM17a. (Freeware)
Motion - Software motion detector that grabs images from video4linux devices and/or from webcams for security.
Remote Automation, Inc. - Automation solutions using Linux and GNU licensed software.
Temperature at Home - Tcl/Tk project on Linux with sourcecode to read and graph temperatures using the Hot Little Therm.
WebX10 - A web interface for BottleRocket.
WMX10 - A WindowMaker/AfterStep applet to control a CM17a.
x10d - A few simple programs to communicate with a CM11a or LynX-10 interface.
x10d for Linux - The x10d same program but modified to compile correctly under Linux.
Xtend - Responds to events received from a CM11a interface.
Home Automation - Windows and DOS
ACE - Enhance an existing automation system with speech, voice recognition, e-mail, and more. (Shareware)
ActiveHome - X10's software for programming their ActiveHome interface (the CM11a). (Freeware)
AutoM8it - Software supporting MSN and WinAMP integration, X10 (CM11a), infrared, speech, and other plug-ins. (Freeware)
BEQ Technologies, Inc. - Developers of RealControl, part of the RealDesk 3D environment, used to control X-10 devices. (Commercial)
Capturix VideoSpy - Video surveillance software. (Shareware)
CEBotics HouseBot - Expandable client-server based home automation software with plug-ins and support for several X-10 controllers. (Freeware)
Central Home Automation Director (CHAD) - Software for X-10, HVAC, sprinkler control, video camera interface, event scheduling, reminders and phone announcements. (Commercial)
Charmed Quark Software (CQC) - Network distributed control and automation software supporting X-10, IR, serial, IP, and USB based device control. (Commercial)
CyberHouse - Savoy's software for technically advanced users featuring rule-based logic, floorplan layouts, speech, video capture, phone, email, and networking, supporting a wide range of hardware interfaces. (Commercial)
Dante's Home Automation Projects - InfraX Remote Manager with Bluetooth, web, and WAP support, and other free software projects. (Freeware)
Dragon Systems, Inc. - Speech recognition software. (Commercial)
EasyHouse - Crescent Moon's software featuring security, HVAC, calendar, A/V, weather, voice mail, and more for the TW-523.
EasyX10 - Monitoring and control of X-10 devices for the CM11a, Cosmic House, PowerLinc Serial, and LynX-10 PLC (shareware).
Event Control System (ECS) - Omnipotence Software's software for technically advanced users featuring caller-ID, device groups, email, telephone answering, moods, voice, and conditional programming, supporting a wide range of interface hardware. (Commercial)
ExactControl - Add X10 control to your Visual Basic programs, for the CM11a, CP290, and TW523. (Commercial)
Homation - A line of software featuring floorplan layouts, telephone paging, scheduling, and rule-based logic, supporting the CM11a and Davis Weather Stations. (Commercial)
Home Control Assistant (HCA) - Advanced Quonset Technology, Inc's software (distributed by Marrick) supporting floorplan layouts, scheduling, ActiveHome/HomeDirector file importing, device groups, and conditionals programming. Works with CM11a and LynX-10. (Commercial)
HOMEpower - Software with touch screen support, TV receiver, internet access, and macros. (Commercial)
Hometouch, Inc. - Control security, lighting, temperature and audio/video devices using CPUXA, Ocelot IR, HAI Omni, Omni Pro, LT, Aegis, or OnQ interfaces. (Commercial)
HomeVision - Software specifically for the HomeVision controller, featuring scheduling, macros, script programming, infrared, and thermostat control. (Freeware)
HomeVoice - Applied Future Technologies' software featuring voice recognition, supporting the CM11a, HomeVision, Time Commander, and other interfaces. (Commercial)
InHome Solutions Home Server - Home control over the internet with a web browser using the CM17a interface. (Shareware)
LynX-SOFT Lite - Software for controlling the LynX-10 hardware from the Marrick, the makers of LynX-10. (Freeware)
MainLobby - Remote control software designed for web tablet PCs with WYSIWYG drag and drop buttons. (Commercial)
maX10 - X10 MouseRemote software with many more features than the bundled software. (Freeware)
MaxCtrl - Features rule-based logic, scheduling, event logging, supports the CM11a, TW523, and MaxIR. (Commercial)
MisterHouse - A perl-based home automation program (requires Perl) for the CM11a and CM17a. (Freeware)
Plato TW - Features floorplan layouts, scenes, device groups, scheduling, and macros for programming the Plato HouseLinc (discontinued). (Freeware)
PowerHome - Software featuring voice recognition, web interface, macros, triggers, timed events for the CM17a, CM11a, and the CIR (infrared). (Shareware)
Premise Systems SYS - Premise Systems' software with a web interface supporting a range of interfaces for Windows 2000 or XP only. (Commercial)
Smart Housekeeper - Smart Electronics' software featuring floorplan layouts, thermostat and HVAC control, conditional programming, scheduling, and optional voice recognition. (Commercial)
Smart10 - DOS and Windows software to program events into the CP290. (Shareware)
Space Home Concepts - Applications and custom ActiveX controls for JDS's StarGate line.
Sparkee's Voice Commands - Software featuring voice recognition for the CM17a, CM11a, and the IR-Commander. (Shareware)
uICE - Software to allow you to control your computer through a remote control, with plug-ins to support several IR devices. (Shareware and freeware)
Visual Domotique - French and English language software supporting iButtons and digital I/O cards.
Visual Home Commander - Simple program with timers and macros for the CM17a. (Shareware)
Voice Trek - Advanced Home Automation's software with voice control of X10 modules, A/V, security, IR, HVAC, macros, a calendar, and scheduling. Supports the CM11a, RCS X10 Thermostats, and JDS IR Xpander. (Commercial)
X10 Home Monitor - Features scheduling, if/then programming, sound file playing, and beeper paging, for the CM11a. (Shareware)
X10 Web Interface - A perl script to control devices over the web, supporting the CM11a (requires ActiveHome software). (Freeware)
X10 Windows Control (X10WC) - Program events into the CP290. (Shareware)
X10DLL - A DLL to allow programmers to control a CM11a interface from their own programs.
XtenWeb - ActiveX module to control a CP-290 from server-side scripts on a web server.
Zeus - New software supporting scenes, scheduling, random timing, sunrise/sunset, speech, logging, and conditionals programming for the CM11a. (Commercial)
Home Automation Retail Sales
Home Products - Offers sales on a variety of home systems and accessories
AAA Remotes - Wireless security, X-10, telephone entry, and gate systems.
ActiveHouse - X10 and automation sales in Sweden.
Advanced Control Technologies (ACT) - Automation, X10, CEBus, HVAC, and custom products for industry and home use.
Altronix Ltd - UK retailer of serial and parallel microcontrollers and products.
Amerilon - Lonworks devices for home, building, and OEM embedded systems.
ASIHome (ASI) - X10, books, videos, A/V, telephone, and monitoring products.
Automated Outlet - Online sales of X10 automation, security and surveillance devices and software.
Baran-Harper Group Inc. - Canadian distributors of X10, Leviton, and DSC Alarm Panels.
Bass Home Electronics - Alarm systems, automation, phone, and entertainment systems for the do-it-yourself installer.
Castle Control - Custom software design and consultation for X10 .(HomeVision, JDS, etc.)
Control Your Home, Inc. - Distributors of HomeVision and SmartLinc products.
Domavenir - X10 and automation sale for France.
DomoDesk - Spanish language retailer of X10 and home automation products.
Domolink - Morocco X10 representation, distribution, and installation.
Domoselect - Canadian retailer of automation products (French and English).
Dyer Technology, Inc. - Supplier of low cost PLCs, touch screens, sensors, and infrared thermometers.
ElekHomica Home Automation - Dutch retailer of Marmitek and X10 products.
Eliway - X10 and automation sales in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.
Eon3 - Australian home automation X10 and A/V products.
Fernbrook - Full line of X10 home automation products.
Find an Easier Way - UK retailer for wide range of Marmitek X-10 products.
Future Standards - Supplier of automation, audio/video, and networking products. - Home automation, security, remote control, sensors, and other gadgets. (site currently under renovation)
Gadgitz - UK based online retailer of automation, security, and home electronics.
H COM International, Inc. - Home automation software, accessories, security, and video products.
Habitek - UK supplier of HAL2000 voice control software and X10 hardware.
Holland Home Automation - Holland based X10 and automation products.
Home Control Systems Inc. - Unique security and home automation products.
Home Controls, Inc. - Complete catalog of automation, A/V, security, and telephone products.
Home Tech Solutions - Catalog of automation, security, water treatment, and A/V products.
Home Technology Store - Home automation security, home theater, home intercoms, and more. - X10 and automation sales with a discussion forum and tips section. - Catalog of X10, IR, software, hardware, HVAC, controllers, and A/V products.
Intellihome - European X10 and home automation retailer.
Iriave Electronics - Italian X10 and home automation retailer.
Laser Business Systems - UK home automation and X10 products.
Let's Automate - UK sales of automation, HVAC, A/V, telephone, and security devices.
Marmitek - Dutch, German, and English sales of X-10 and other products.
Online-Devices - Sales of motion control, stepper motors, and relay boards.
People Technology - A few products for home automation and A/V do-it-yourselfers.
PLM Systems - French distributors of X10 and other automation products. Home Automation - Wireless security, X10, video cameras, and other home automation products with online ordering.
RCI Automation - X10 thermostats, sprinkler controller, and JDS equipment.
Security and More - Complete selections of all kinds of security products.
Smart Home Systems - Automation, security, phone, irrigation,
Smarthome Technologies UK - UK sales of home networking and multi-room audio products. Also offers installation services. - Spanish language retailer with a large selection of products.
X-10 Superstore - Online sales of X-10 products.
X10 European Distributors - X10's guide to distributors in Europe.
X10 Suppliers - Guide to many X10 suppliers with a price survey.
Absolute Automation - Canada based distributors and design specialists for automation products.
ATG - X-10 Asia distributor, headquartered in Hong Kong.
Automation University and SeT-NeT - Training and products for dealers and installers.
Cardio UK Ltd. - Sole distributors for Secant's Cardio in the United Kingdom.
Easylife - UK home automation products.
Eon3 - Master distributor for X10 in Australia and S.E. Asia.
Future Homes Automation - Singapore home automation products.
Home Controls, Inc. - Distribution and retail sales of automation, A/V, security, and telephone products.
Home Systems Plus - Professional products for custom installers, specializing in Aegis products.
Hub City Computer Company - Sells products through a dealer network of home based businesses.
Quantum Systems - UK distributors for HAL2000 by Home Automated Living and other products.
Smart House, Inc. - A nationwide franchise of home automation retailers.
SmartHome Pro - Large distributor of a wide range of home automation products.
Ward Automation - Canadian distributor of Jeongil Intercom industrial computer products for industrial, home, and building automation.
Worthington Distribution - Home automation products distributor.
Bus Systeme - German home automation magazine.
Electronic House - A print magazine on home automation.
Home Automation and Networking (HTI News) - Online magazine from HomeToys.
Home Automation Today - Online news and features, co-produced by HomeToys and EDTN.
Home Automator Magazine - Print magazine with ideas and technical information, with some articles available online.
Home Energy - Print magazine on home energy conservation.
Home Systems Installer Magazine - Print magazine and online guide for home automation installer professionals.
Popular Home Automation - Print magazine with ideas and product reviews, with many articles available online.
Smart TV & Sound - News and information about the latest advances in TV and home theater technology, including HDTV, DVD, and other home enter
Home Automation Discussion Resources - Usenet newsgroup about security systems.
comp.home.automation - Usenet newsgroup about home automation.
Home Automation Forum - Discussion area for HomeSeer and other automation topics.
Home Automation - Information Resources

Affaires Online - French X10 220V and automation information.
Approaching, Inc. - How-to and troubleshooting books covering home automation topics.
Aureside - Brazilian Home Automation Association. - Information and an e-zine about building automation.
AutomatedHome UK - Guide to home automation in the UK.
Automation University - Training for home automation dealers.
Beyond Logic - Includes technical information on data acquisition through the serial and parallel ports.
Books on Home Automation at - Books and videos on home automation (in association with
Books on Home Automation at - Books and papers on home automation.
BRE - Intelligent building training course ranging from residential cabling to EIB certified training. - Spanish language home automation portal.
Coast Automation - Automation theory and hardware for novices.
Connected Home Magazine - Online magazine with articles about A/V, networking, and home automation.
Connected Open Building Automation (COBA) - Standardization effect to create an open standard for building automation.
Continental Automated Buildings Association (CABA) - A home and building automation association for people in the industry.
CP290 Clock Mod - Hack your CP290 to increase the accuracy of the internal clock. - A virtual community for home automation in Spain.
FulTech University's College of Smart - Training in the home automation and structured cabling industry.
Home Automation Association - News and information related to the home automation industry.
Home Automation FAQ - FAQ in an open discussion format.
Home Automation Index - Dan Hoehnen's guide to home automation web sites.
Home Automation Show and Conference - A home automation industry expo for home automation professionals.
Home Automation Webring - A webring list of personal sites from home automation do-it-yourselfers.
Household Web - Savoy Automation's book and video. - Information site dedicated to self-installation of home automation systems, primarily JDS Stargate.
Lar Inteligente - Infoformation about home automation in Brazil.
Leike's X10 Homepage - Information about X10 in Europe (Dutch and English).
MaDomotique - French language information including X-10 230V and MisterHouse.
Medical Automation Research Center - Medical automation to obtain activities of daily living from various sensors installed in the house.
Parallel Port Central - Technical information about I/O with the parallel port.
PC Parallel Port - Technical information about I/O through the computer's ports. - Powerline technology information portal. - News and information about powerline communication (using a building's electric wiring for communication between devices or computers).
Project Oriented X10 Mentoring - Simple X-10 Projects explained in plain English.
Smart Home - Ukraine - Information and articles in Russian.
Smart Home Contractor - Contractor directory, resources, and news.
Smart Structure - Business development, documentation and training for installers and businesses.
SMART Thinking - Information about using technology to help the disabled, and Custodian software suite. - A home technology article search engine and product review site.
SmartHomeForum - General information about automation technologies, with newsletters and interviews.
Stargate Unofficial Web Page - Unofficial site of information about JDS Technologies' Stargate system. - Resource for information on home automation, networking, security, phone, HVAC, and A/V. Sponsored by CEMA.
The Training Department - Residential wiring and installation training videos. - Home automation reviews, message boards, and news.
X10 Bulls Pen - X10 explanations and information.
X10 Ideas - Privately run website with FAQs, ideas, and examples for using X10 products.
X10-Beta - Download protocol definition documents (including CM11a communication) and experimental software.
xAP Automation - xAP is an open protocol intended to support the integration of telemetry and control devices primarily within the home.
Home Automation Hardware
ACCES I/O Products - Standard and custom I/O cards and wireless/distributed I/O, serial communications and watchdog timers.
ACS - Manufacturers and sells CEBus products and custom embedded controllers.
Amazing Gates - Iron gates especially suited for automation, and integrated gate/opener kit.
Animatics - Designer and manufacturer of motion control products (servos and smart motors).
Applied Digital Inc (ADI) - Digital I/O, relay switching, and X10 control (with the popular CPU-XA) for industrial and home automation projects.
ARLA 2010 Remote Control Systems - Istanbul manufacturer of relays, sensors, and remote control hardware.
Automated Aquarium Systems - Computer controlled aquarium automation.
Auton Motorized Systems - Remote control lifts for TVs, speakers, or anything.
Biene Electronics Ltd. - Remote control and monitoring via a cellular phone.
Boondog - Digital and analog I/O boards with online project info and sourcecode.
BTX Window Automation - A manufacturer of all kinds of automated window coverings.
CD & DVD Changer Automation - Control Sony CD and DVD changers with a computer (hardware/software).
ChannelPlus - Whole-house audio, video, and control.
Creative Control Concepts - A complete line of home automation products, including X10 compatible products.
Crystalfontz - Manufacturer of large and small LCD displays that can be controlled with a computer.
Custom Solutions, Inc. (CSI) - Makers of HomeVision, an X10 compatible home automation controller.
Cyberplorer Technologies TouchGear - Presence detection logger that detects and logs touching or nearby objects.
Dancraft Enterprises - Producers of the Cybermate controller, Playmate CD jukebox, and Automate PC home theater control system.
Dedicated Devices - Controllers, dimmers, and more for lighting control or data acquisition.
Digital Monitoring Products, Inc. - Manufactures a broad range of intrusion and fire alarms that can be monitored from a computer.
Distributed IO over IP - Read sensors and control relays over an IP ethernet network, with open source drivers.
Electric Field Proximity Sensor - A device to detect motion and stationary objects through walls and solid objects.
Electronic Energy Control, Inc. (EECI) - Data acquisition and control boards.
ELK Products, Inc. - Designs and manufactures security and automation products for professional installers and OEMs.
Emness Technology - A line of KNX (Konnex) based automation and networking devices.
Excalibur Mall - Products and ideas for do-it-yourself automation using relays.
Gate Automation - UK based sales of gate and door automation equipment
GME - Italian home automation products.
GSI-2 Controller - An "open source" PLC with an X-10 controller, temperature sensor, light sensor, relay, LCD, and serial interfaces.
iButton & 1-Wire - Microchips embedded in jewelry and devices for access control, weather monitoring, etc.
InstantView - Remote video observation over phone lines to a computer.
Intelectron Modification - How to convert a floodlight into a motion detector.
Intellahome - Intella Voice and other devices to add voice output to X10 systems.
JDS Technologies - Makers of the Stargate X10 computer interface and the TimeCommander programmable controller.
Leax Lighting Controls - Lighting Control systems for high-end residential and commercial applications using the LonWorks protocol.
Marrick - Makers of the LynX10 line of X10 compatible products.
Matrix Orbital Corporation - Manufacturer of LCD and VFD displays that can be connected to a computer or keypad.
Metricom Corporation - Designers of a high performance, low-cost.powerline carrier transceiver ASIC.
microMETER - Home electricity use measurement using a PC (sensor devices and software).
Microsmith - Digital and analog I/O boards.
Microtechnologies, Inc. - Manufacturers of the Temperature Guard with phone dialer, and other phone dialing sensors, and RS485 I/O modules.
Mosaic Industries, Inc. - Producer of SmarTouch Controller, an embedded computer with integrated touch screen and LCD display.
National Control Devices (NCD) - Data acquisition I/O boards, LCD displays, relays, and stepper motor controllers.
Nethix - WAP server device that allows remote control of any electric device from GSM mobile phones.
Nirvis Systems Inc. - IR and X10 Sony S-link control and digital A/V routing/switching.
NOBU - Touchscreens and all in one PC's for home automation and other uses.
PC Gadgets - Run motors from your PC.
Phaedrus Limited - Manufacture and sale of low cost serial output modules suitable for home automation projects.
Point Six, Inc. - Data acquisition and touch sensors.
Power Detector - Four isolated power status indications of home entertainment equipment using current sensing, pilot (LED) light sensing or DC voltage sensing.
Precidia - Devices to provide access to RS232, RS422, and RS485 devices remotely over an IP network.
Private-Door - Automatic door opener.
Q Systems Freeze Alarm - Monitor temperatures sensors in a home with telephone notification and X10 control.
Rat Zapper - Electronic rodent control with remote monitoring capabilities.
Remote Measurement Systems - Use your computer to measure, monitor, and control events and processes in the real world.
S. D. Snyder & Assoc. Micro-irrigation - A system to automatically water indoor plants.
Samantha Day Interiors - UK supplier of automated curtains, blinds and accessories.
Sem-Co - Offers the Sensaphone product to call you on the phone in response to sensor conditions.
SlientGliss - Manufacturer of all types of motorized window coverings for home automation and audio visual professionals.
SmartLinc - Touchscreen controls, 2-way lighting control, and A/V sensors.
Somfy Systems - Automated shutters, awnings, and window treatments.
Spider Plant - Makers of the Hot Little Therm, allowing many temperature sensors connected to a single serial port.
Telesystems - Manufacturer of a X10 controllers, security system interfaces, and TV_ON probes.
TextSpeak X10 event announcer - A voice speaker device that announces X10 events as they occur.
TVR Technologies - Control your lights with a TV remote control.
Valkyrie Systems - Selling portable devices designed to display X10 messages on a LCD display.
Voice Tracker Array Microphone - Voice tracking microphone useful for voice control from a distance.
WEB-X10 - Web browser control and monitoring of any X-10 device.
Weeder Technologies - Inexpensive PC boards for digital I/O, X10 control, IR, and telephone projects.
Wintrol - Motorizing systems for skylights and casement and awning windows.
Wirz Electronics - PPEX parallel port interface for sensor I/O.
X10 Irrigation and RF control - X10 driven sprinkler controller, an all housecode transceiver, and order devices.
X10 Pro - An X10 company specializing in professional and high-end X10 hardware.
Z-World - Embedded controllers and single board computers for machine control, and LCD displays and keypads.
Complete Home Automation Systems

Action Home Automation - Producer of a system composed of HomeSeer add-on software and X-10 and 1-Wire hardware.
Amazing Controls! - Makers of a high-end control system for lighting, security, access control, HVAC, A/V, irrigation, and more.
ApBus Home Automation System - Hong Kong based design and manufacturing of automation and security systems.
Butler-In-a-Box - An expensive high-end voice recognition control system.
CentraLite Systems - Manufactures an affordable ambiance lighting control system with computer control capabilities.
CinTex3 - Nanopac product to control appliances and infrared devices with voice recognition.
Clipsal Integrated Systems Pty Ltd - Clipsal C-Bus Technology based product design and manufacturing for lighting control, HVAC and A/V.
Comfort - Telephone based automation and security system with voice mail.
Connected Hearth - Home automation via the internet without needing an on-site computer.
CorAccess - A wireless tablet or net terminal controlled systems using hardware from HAI, HomeDirector, and others.
Crestron - Makers of an automation, lighting, security, HVAC, and A/V system that uses touchpanels for control.
Custom Audio Video - Houston, Texas commercial and residential A/V, lighting and automation.
Cutler-Hammer - Powerline home automation products.
Cypress Systems Limited - Web-based building control from a Hong Kong company featuring security, voice, facility management, and internet content.
Digital Cybermasters, Ltd. - UK manufacturer and supplier of automation and security products.
Electronic Solutions Co. (ESC) - Software and hardware system with a computer interface and touchscreens installed through their dealer network.
Electronics by Design, Inc. - Denver, Colorado A/V, lighting, HVAC, security, and automation.
Futronix - Manufacturer of the Home-Icon home automation system a large range of all digital dimmers for homes and commercial applications.
GE Smart - Manufacturer of lines of professional and do-it-yourselfer CEBus products.
Hills Home Systems - Australian developers of new home automation system.
Home Automation, Inc. - Omni and OmniPro line of automation, security and thermostat products.
Home Director - IBM's new line of home automation products.
Honeywell - Wireless automation and security systems (not X10 compatible).
HPM Technologies - Australia-based company producing the iCONTROL home and building automation system.
InfoControl - Offers a universal infrared home control system.
Intellihome - Austrian home automation system.
Intellinet Controls - Whole house audio and automation with X10, infrared, or relays.
iTouch - Touchscreen controlled lighting, A/V, irrigation, HVAC, communications, pool controls, and surveillance system.
Jeeves - The Smart Company's system for automation with a custom controller featuring security, HVAC, keypads, infra-red, remote access, and PC software, using the X10, CEBus and EHS standards.
JG Home Automation - Security, lighting, weather, and A/V system.
Leviton - Manufacturers of a line of home automation and home networking products using the company's own proprietary protocols.
Lighting Control - Lighting control systems, wireless hardware, software and remote control panels.
LiteTouch - Manufacturers of lighting control systems.
Lutron - Lighting control products.
Millennium - Wireless system with security, fire, access control, medical monitoring, and energy management.
Minxon Hotel Technology Inc. - Hotel management systems for lighting, HVAC, curtains, butler call, world Time, alarm, music, etc.
Multimedia Designs, Inc. - Multimedia Max and other automation products for people with disabilities.
MyCasaNetwork - Technology to control devices remotely using a wireless PDA or cell phone.
Number Seven Electronic Systems - "Terminal Seven" (T7) lighting control, alarm functions, temperature control, ambient sound control and more.
Open PIC Net - Information on a complete home network system based on the PIC 16F84 microcontroller with circuits and code.
Panja - Makers of automation, lighting, security, HVAC, and A/V products, including AMX and Phast.
Quantometrix, Inc. - Home telephone intercom systems with entry access control and wholehouse music
Quartet Technology - Voice activated automation system designed for the disabled.
Sage Systems - Powerline products using Aladn brand technology.
Secant Inc. - Canada based company producing the Cardio system with X10, HVAC, security, phone, and LCD touch screen.
Smart Systems Technologies - Hardware and software for lighting, appliance, and A/V control.
Techaus - Wired security, lighting, HVAC, and A/V control system (UK-based company).
Techselesta Engineering - Hardware and PC software for building automation (from Switzerland).
Touch-Plate Lighting Controls - Manufacturer of a line of hardwired commercial and residential lighting control products.
ULTI - Remote control (RF) lighting control with scenes.
Vantage - Low cost lighting and automation.
Voice Alert - Wireless remote monitoring device that plays a recorded voice message in response to detected movement. - Manufacturer of wireless automation products.
Wisebox - Voice-controlled home automation from a Korea based company.
Xabler - Hardware and software solution to control devices through color touchscreens, home networks, and the internet.
XTG, Inc. - Automation, HVAC, lighting, and security with their Agenda and Activate software packages.
Home Automation - Telephone Resources

Phone Systems - Offers sales on a variety of telephone systems and accessories for your home
Alana Technologies - Phone systems that can be integrated with home automation systems.
IdentaFone Caller ID Software - Caller ID software for modems and multi-line hardware with speech, email, call blocking, and other features.
Talking Caller ID - Software that works with caller ID capable modems to tell you verbally who is calling. (Commercial)
Telecommand System - Device to control X10 devices over the telephone.
Viking Electronics - Telephone system and apartment entry devices.
YES - Hardware and free PC software which records caller ID information.
Home Automation Home Security Systems

911 Alarm - Inexpensive nationwide alarm system monitoring service.
A-1 Security - Retailers of burglar alarms and surveillance products.
Ademco Apex - Security system with computer interface.
AEI Security Limited - Manufacturers and distributors of DIY Home Security products.
American Industries Corp. - Producers of security and camera surveillance products.
CADDX - Security system products.
Canadian Alarm and Security Association (CANASA) - Canadian Alarm and Security Association
Central Station Alarm Association (CSAA) - An association of UL-Listed/FMRC-Approved Central Station protection services and suppliers to the industry.
Comfort Home Controls - Distributors of the Comfort Intelligent Home System and X10 products, based in the UK but supplying products all over the world.
Cyrex Networks - Video door phone system with built-In 17 picture memory function.
Digital Monitoring Products (DMP) - High-tech security products for professional installation and service companies. - Security, building automation and fire alarm Industry links.
DSC Security Products - Producers of the DSC Power 832.
Electronic Security Resource Page - Collection of WWW resources related to electronic security.
Europlex Technologies - High-end security systems with computer interfacing.
Home Automation, Inc. - Omni and OmniPro line of automation, security and thermostat products.
Homewatch - Software to monitor up to sixteen cameras from a PC (commercial software, $1499).
Interactive Technologies, Inc. - Security systems with computer interfacing, X10 support, and more.
MicroSentinel - Wireless camera system that includes software to post images over the internet.
Midgard / Merry Electronics - Manufacturer of security systems, communications products, and other home automation products.
Motion-Activated Webcams - Upload images to a remote website upon motion-detection.
Napco Security - Manufacturer of the Napco Gemini home security system.
National Burglar and Fire Alarm Association - National Burglar and Fire Alarm Association (US).
Norco Security Products - Online ordering of security devices including wireless and hardwired sensors and surveillance.
ORCA Monitoring Services - Home security monitoring services for many different security system brands.
Ron's Safety and Security - Security articles and links.
Security and More - Complete selections of all kinds of security products.
Security Magazine - Industry magazine for buyers of security products.
Technical Manuals Online - Includes security system manuals for security pros.
VCR Commander - A device to allow video surveillance recording using a normal VCR.
Visonic Group - Manufacturer of security products.
Vital Point - Manufacturer of PhoneHub, a standalone dial-up security camera transmitter.
X10 Security Systems - X10 based security system retail sales.
Home Automation - Installation and Consulting
3C Systems - Raleigh/Durham, North Carolina area security, home theater, A/V, and automation.
A Sharper Home - Southern California A/V and lighting.
A+ Home Automations - Yorktown, Virginia wiring, automation, A/V, and security
Access Automation Services, Inc - Massachusetts installation and sales for automation, lighting, telephone, and security.
Advanced Home Networks, Ltd. - UK lighting, A/V, security, networking, RC, and automation.
Advanced Home Plus (AHP) - Des Moines, Iowa home networking and automation sales and installation.
All Pro Sound - Pensacola, Florida high end A/V, lighting, sound, and automation.
AllSmart Solutions, Inc. - Northern Illinois automation, A/V, lighting, security, and networking.
Alltech Systems - Rossville, Georiga whole house automation, distributed AV and wideband data
Alpha Plus Home Systems - New Jersey home automation and security installation.
American Home Resources - Chicago area security and A/V installation.
American Home Technologies - Black Canyon City, Arizona automation, security, lighting, A/V, and HVAC.
AMHAC - Metro New York automation, security, A/V, networking, telephone, and Phast Landmark dealer.
Antwerp Building Consultants - Belgium automation for homes and offices.
Astro Automation - Plano, Texas installation and consulting.
Audio Video ArchiTechs - Toronto, Canada area A/V, networking, security, and automation.
Audio Video Enhancement - New England area whole-house audio, home theater, and automation.
Audio Visual Design of Orlando - Orlando, Florida automation and home theater design and installation.
August Systems - Columbia, Missouri full service home system installation and products.
Auman and Associates - Orlando, Florida A/V and Crestron automation installation.
Automated Home Technologies - Automation and home theater installation in Ontario, Canada.
Automated Living - South Central Pennsylvania automation, security, networking, and home theater.
Automation iQ - Austin, Texas security, networking, lighting, A/V, and automation.
Automation Plus, Inc. - Michigan based hardware and software installation.
AV Integration - Raleigh, North Carolina residential and commercial audio, video, lighting, and automation.
AVD Home Technologies - St. Leonards, NSW, Australia installation and products.
AVS Home Systems - Seattle wiring, networking, lighting, and automation.
B&B Home System - Belgium home automation installation.
Best-Path Technology Solutions - Georgia automation, A/V, security, and networking.
BigEdison - Kansas City, Missouri automation and A/V.
BoveStreet - Barcelona, Spain security, lighting, and automation (Spanish).
Brandy Systems - Auckland, New Zealand automation, A/V, lighting, HVAC, security, irrigation, and telephone.
Bri-Tech - New York automation, A/V, and networking.
Buck the System, Inc. - South New Jersey telephone, security, lighting, HVAC, IR, and A/V.
Building Industry Specialists - San Diego, California small office/home office wired and wireless network installation and support.
Casaplex - Washington, D.C. home theater, A/V, automation, and networking.
Castle Control - Custom software design and consultation for X10 (HomeVision, JDS, etc.)
Chesapeak Smart Homes - Grasonville, Maryland automation, wiring, and security.
Circuit Wizard - Connecticut A/V, automation, networking, and lighting.
Clever Home Automation - Victoria, Australia security, lighting, home theatre, A/V, and networking.
ConnectHome - To educate and help consumers find home automation installers.
Control Media Design - Nashua, New Hampshire A/V, wiring, lighting, HVAC, telephone, networking, and automation.
Convenience By Design - Colorado home automation consulting and products for homes and small businesses.
CozyHome - Irving, Texas lighting, HVAC, and security.
Crystal Clear Specialists, Inc. - Mesa, Arizona A/V, CCTV, security, home theater, and surveillance.
CTI Technologies, Inc. - Madison, Alabama custom installation services.
Custom Automation Solutions - Joliet, Illinois A/V, networking, and phone systems.
Custom Home Control - Temecula, California high end residential automation systems.
Custom Home Entertainment SystemS - Charleston, South Carolina A/V, wiring, and automation.
Custom Home Tech Connections - Elizabethtown, KY lighting, A/V, security, HVAC, and networking installation.
Cutting Edge Home Integration - Kansas City, MO automation, wireless, wiring, lighting, and A/V.
CyberHomes, Inc. - New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut networking, security, automation, A/V, HVAC, and lighting.
Cybermation Inc. - Waite Park, Minnesota security and automation installation, sales and service. - UK installation and sales.
Davtec Pty Ltd. - Sydney, Australia networking, lighting, A/V, security, and automation.
Day and Knight Electric-Security - Tampa, Florida specialist in complete building wiring, design, security, and automation.
DDS Electronic Architects - New Jersey, Pennsylvania and New York design, installation and support of custom integrated electronic systems.
Digiconcepts Home Technologies - Vancouver, BC, Canada wiring, networking, security, A/V, and automation.
Digihouse - Australian home automation products and services.
Digital Amenities Corp. - Pompano Beach, Florida home theater, A/V, lighting, security, telephone and networking.
Digital Convergence Systems - Westlake, Ohio consulting and installation of security, automation, A/V, climate control, and systems integration.
Dominion Home Networks - Texas-based design and installation of automation, A/V, and networking.
Dynamic Automation Ltd. - Pennsylvania home and factory automation installation and services.
E & B Solutions, Inc. - Chicago/NW Indiana home network and automation sales and installation.
E.A. Home Technologies - Pittsburgh and Butler, Pennsylvania automation, A/V, whole-house audio, lighting, telephone, wiring, networking, and HVAC.
Eastex Networks - North Houston home theater, networking, and phone.
EC Home Systems - Houston, Texas automation, security, A/V, phone systems, and networking.
EES - North Carolina home theater, wiring, and automation installation.
Electronic Environments - Pennsylvania based comprehensive automation products and services for the U.S. mid-Atlantic area.
Electronic Solutions Co. - Philadelphia, PA (and beyond) system design and installation.
Electronic Strategies, Inc. - Southampton, New York A/V, lighting, HVAC, RC and telephone design and installation.
Elite Audio Video, LLC - Brick, New Jersey A/V, telephone, and networking installation.
eMagine Technology Systems - South East Michigan lighting, security, HVAC, and A/V.
EMCO Systems Inc. - Seattle, Washington area A/V, networking, security, and telephone for residential and small commercial buildings. - Philadelphia, PA full service automation, networking, and A/V specializing in Crestron and Vantage systems.
Entertainment Room Inc. - Maryland, DC, Virginia, Delaware, New York, New Jersey A/V, lighting, and automation.
Ergonomic Electronics, Inc. - Orlando, Florida automation, A/V, home theater, wiring, and HVAC.
Essential Home Systems - Ontario, Canada products and installation.
FAST, Inc. - NE Pennsylvania A/V, security, whole-house audio, and networking.
Fastlink Cabling - New Jersey home computer and telephone cabling.
Finetech - South Florida automation, lighting, A/V, networking, security, structure and wiring.
FulTech Solutions, Inc. - Jacksonville, Florida automation, cabling, lighting, HVAC, networking, telephone, and security with new locations opening in other areas.
Future Automation Resources, Inc. - Flossmoor, Illinois networking, automation, and A/V.
H COM International, Inc. - Texas automation products and installation.
Halstead Communications - Marietta, Georgia A/V and networking installation.
Heston Technical, Inc - Kirkland, Washington area A/V, automation, lighting, security, telephone , and networking.
High Definition Home - San Francisco, California and bay area telephone, A/V, security, networking, lighting and HVAC.
Home Automation - Jefferson City and Columbia, Missouri automation, A/V, and security.
Home Automation Network Solutions - UK networking, lighting, A/V, security, HVAC, and automation.
Home Automation Plus - Westminster, Colorado A/V, lighting, and HVAC.
Home Cinema Design, Inc. - US and Caribbean high end home theater and home automation installation.
Home Technics - Naperville, Illinois A/V, wiring, lighting, networking, and automation.
Home Technologies Corporation - Westchester, Ohio A/V, security, HVAC, lighting, and irrigation.
Home Technology Solutions - Charlotte, North Carolina area automation, structured wiring, home theater, and A/V.
HomeScope - Mendham, New Jersey A/V, HVAC, security, telephone, and automation.
HomeSmarts - Nashua, New Hampshire products and services.
HT - Innovations, LLC. - Altamonte Springs, Florida home theater design, automation sales, service, and installation.
HyperHome - Cyprus lighting, security, HVAC, and irrigation.
InHome Solutions - Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas networking, A/V, lighting, telephone, and automation.
Intamac Systems Ltd. - UK installation and sales of internet accessable security and automation.
Integrated Cabling and Communication Systems - US (national) data, voice and video cabling for commercial and residential applications.
Integrated Electronic Designs - Orlando, Florida area lighting, telephone, wiring, security, and A/V.
Integrated Home Systems - Boston, Massachusetts wiring, lighting, and multi-room music.
Integrated Premises - New Jersey automation, A/V, security, and networking.
IntelliCommunities - Residential technology services for the real estate industry.
Intelligent Home Technologies, Inc. - Washington DC/Batltimore area residential installation for automation, A/V distribution, central vacuum, and telephone.
Intelligent Interiors - Ontario, Canada automation, security, and A/V service and sales.
Interactive Interiors - Toronto, Ontario area A/V, networking, security, lighting, and HVAC.
IntraHome - New York area home automation.
J&B Sound - Rahway, New Jersey A/V, telephone, and automation.
JB Systems - San Diego, California X10 and automation installation.
JBJ Systems - Long Beach, California contractor specializing in A/V, automation, lighting, and networking.
JESCO Electric Co. - Tennessee home automation contractor.
Joe Chavez Electrical Services - Warrenton, Virginia design and installation.
JP Hewitt Consulting - Minnesota home networking consulting and products.
JTSmarthomes - Sacramento, California lighting, whole-house audio, and security.
KD Systems, Inc. - New York City area home automation installation.
Lifestyle Technologies - A national network of installers for new or existing homes supporting networking, security, automation, and A/V.
Lifestyle Technology for your Home - Woodridge, Illinois home theater, automation, networking, and communications. - Atlanta, Georgia area home automation and networking design and installation.
Living Home Solutions - Austin, Texas lighting, A/V, wireless control, and security.
Living Intelligent - New Jersey, New York, and Connecticut lighting, security, networking, and A/V.
Magen - Toronto, Ontario networking, security, A/V, automation, telephone, and HVAC.
Magic Castle - Austin, Texas area retail sales, installation, and consulting.
Manchester Interactive Systems (MIS) - Redmond, Washington installation and products.
Media Control Technologies, Inc. - Florida high-end home automation installers.
Mega Automation - South Africa automation, security, and A/V.
Minnesota home networking - Minnesota installation & design of structured cabling systems, home networks, security, audio, and automation.
MMCS - North Texas cabling, whole house audio, TV, security, and telephone. - Gaithersburg, Maryland automation and structured wiring.
Networks for the Home - Houston, Texas installation and sales of X10 and networking.
New England Home Theater, LLC - Littleton, Massachusetts A/V and home theater design and installation, central sound and structured wiring.
Northwest Home Automation - Victoria, Canada lighting, A/V, telephone, and networking.
Oikos Solutions - Spain automation for homes and businesses.
One Smart House - Willamette Valley, Oregon installation and sales.
P.I.D. Consultants Inc. - West Vancouver, BC, Canada automation installation.
Parks Associates - Dallas, Texas based consulting and installation of automation, security, and home theater for residential and industrial use.
Premier Audio & Images - Western Michigan area networking, A/V, telephone, lighting, and automation.
Prism Multimedia - Central Florida theater, wiring, lighting, security, A/V, touch pad, and voice recognition design and installation.
Real Life Designs - High end home theater, lighting, and home automation products and installation.
Residential Networking - Northern Ireland A/V, networking, and telephone.
Residential Technology Services - San Antonio, Texas networking, security, A/V, and HVAC.
RNET - Toledo, Ohio structured wiring.
Rolling Thunder Software - Custom programming of Crestron and AMX controls for residential and commercial AV projects.
San Francisco Smart Systems - San Francisco, California residential automation, A/V, and security.
SBT Designs - Bexar County, Texas based design, sales, and installation of automation, lighting, solar products, and wiring for residential and light commercial.
Screening Room - Missouri high-end automation, lighting, A/V, security, and phone installation.
Seguin Technologies - Moorseville, North Carolina networking, automation, A/V, and lighting.
Serani Home Automation - Raleigh, North Carolina automation, networking, wiring and consulting.
Simply Audio/Video Inc. - Charlotte, North Carolina A/V and automation installation.
Sistemas de Automatización de Viviendas y Edificios - Spain home automation consultants.
Smart Home Designs - Northeast US networking, lighting, HVAC, security, and automation.
Smart Homes USA - Concord, California A/V and automation.
Smart Systems - Melbourne and Sydney, Australia automation, lighting, security, wiring, and home theater.
Smart Systems, Inc. - Home automation consulting and installation in New Mexico.
Smart Wirez - Ontario, Canada London area A/V, networking, security, and automation.
SmartHome Systems - Costa Mesa, California installer of automation, lighting, A/V, home theater, telephone, and central vacuums.
SmartLife, Inc. - Charlotte, North Carolina security, A/V, automation, networking, and lighting.
Soho Technologies - Northern New Jersey and Metro New York home and office networking and A/V installation.
SRS Productions - San Francisco, California and Bay Area A/V, wiring, lighting, and automation.
Stardot Home Automation - West Peoria, Illinois home theater, A/V, security, wiring, HVAC, lighting, central vac, and networking.
Tandem Systems Integration Group - Scotsdale, Arizona automation, home theater, and cable installation.
Tangora Technologies - Delmar, New York area automation, home theater, and central vacuum installation.
TAW Technology Concepts - Northeastern US automation and networking.
Tech Homes, Inc. - Acworth, Georgia A/V, security, automation, lighting, and wiring.
Tech-House Systems - New York metro area security, networking, A/V, and automation.
Techhome - Vermont automation wiring and software installation.
Tesla Technologies - South Africa lighting, security, irrigation, and A/V.
TH Automation - Texas and Louisiana A/V, theater, lighting, and security.
The Franklin Report - New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles profiles and ratings of top home service providers, including home automation related services.
Time Direct, LLC - Denver, Colorado wiring, automation, lighting, security, audio/video, telephone, networking, and HVAC.
Total Home Control - Atlanta, Georgia A/V, HVAC, security, lighting, phone, and automation.
Transtech Electric, Inc. - Auburn, Washington A/V, lighting, security, home theater, satellite.
Tunnel Vision Inc. - Chicago, Illinois structured wiring, consulting, installation, and programming.
UltraHome Solutions - US national wiring, security, A/V and telephone from a New York based installation company.
Vaughan Systems - Boston, Massachusetts design, sales, and installation of residential electronic systems.
Vision Systems Automation, Inc. - Los Alamitos, California automation design and installation.
Vision Systems, Inc. - Aurora, Colorado area automation, security, structured wiring, A/V, and HVAC.
Vortechs Electronics Design LTD - Vancouver, Canada automation, lighting, A/V, security, and telephone.
Windyrock Home Systems - Ontario, Canada design and installation of custom home theater, audio/video, automation, communication, computer networks, security, lighting, drapery and satellite systems.
Wire Ways Inc. - Bellevue, Washington automation, lighting, A/V, security, electrical, and communications installers.
Wired-Up-Tech - Northern Virginia automation, HVAC, and security. - New York and Tri State Area telephone, A/V, security, and automation.
Wirefree Home Automation - NE Ohio wireless automation and networking.
WireHaus - Denver Metro and the Mountains of Colorado automation, A/V, networking, and lighting.
Wisconsin Smart Homes - Southern Wisconsin networking, telephone, A/V, and automation.
Home Automation Examples And Ideas

Alberto Alonso - Home automation thoughts and ideas.
Art Applewhite - X10 system in Turkey (220V).
Automated Home Ideas - A HomeSeer based system, including live video.
Baptiste - Example HCS based setup with other Creative Control Concepts products.
Black Firs - UK home with HomeVision, lots of pictures and information.
Brian Langley - UK home with an automation system of his own design.
Buchanan Home Automation - History, diagrams, and descriptions of an X10 based system.
Dario Greggio - Italian language home automation setup.
Don's Cyberhouse - Home construction project with low voltage wiring for home automation and security using HomeVision. And a cheesecake recipe.
Doug Smith - X10 modifications, garage door, and lawn mowing projects.
Gary Viele's Setup - X10 based setup description.
Hans Otten - Netherlands (220V) X10 setup.
Harold Ennulat - JDS based X10 automation description.
Icepick - Several webcams, sensors, statistics and more online.
Jetson Family Homepage - People Technology based system with lighting control and security webcams.
Jim's Home Automation - Voice controlled talking house (HAL 200) with ideas and detailed projects.
KBOB X10 Automation - X10, weather, and micro-controller descriptions and information.
Kerry Parker - Homevision X10, digital I/O, video, and some custom Visual Basic programs.
kJ's - X10, distributed IR, A/V, caller ID, more using Heyu and Perl scripts.
Krazy Keith - Links, HomeVision setup, wiring, phone, and electronics information.
Larry Magid - LA Times article and home automation links.
Mark Sekelsky - A system with ECS, X10, touchscreens, Homevision, and infrared remote control.
Ralph Unger - X10 based setup with voice assist.
Redoak - UK automation with X10, irrigation control, networking, and efficient home design.
Ron Boston - HomeVision setup overview.
Software for Homes - Detailed information and pictures of an X-10 based system.
Stephen W. Nolen - Extensive description of a system with X10, JDS, video cameras, paging, sprinkler control, caller ID, phone and infrared remote control.
Tom's Home Automation - X10 ideas, schematics, links, and modifications.
Worm Purple - UK home with X10 based automation and extensive detail for each and every room.
Home Automation Audio And Video Directory

Amazon's Audio Video Equipment - Home theater and stereo equipment (in association with
Audace Technologies - Manufacturer of audio control systems, including wall panels and software.
Audio Design Associates - Manufacturer of home theater and whole-house audio products.
Audioaccess - Whole-house audio components.
Audioplex - Whole-house audio supplier.
Audiotron - Whole-house audio from a connected PC.
Creative Control Concepts - The PIC-TV allows you to send messages from your HCS-II or JDS Stargate to any TV in your house.
Crestron - Residential and commercial automation and A/V systems.
Decade Engineering - Lets your PC or microcontroller display characters on standard video monitors.
Definitive Home Theater Website - Online guide to home theaters. - Reviews, buying guides, and articles on A/V products.
Elan Home Systems - Whole-house A/V control and distribution.
ElectroShops - Home theater accessories retailer.
Escient - Audio and video on demand.
GrayWolf Software - These multimedia software products will make your CD player work like a jukebox, scroll lyrics, record audio tapes and more.
HACS - Audio/video switch, controllable by IR, X10, and RS-232.
Home Theater Decor - Furniture and decor for home theater viewing rooms.
Home Theater Magazine - Print magazine dedicated to home theater.
Landmark Sound Labs - New England, US design, optimization, and calibration of audio systems for installers and consumers.
Niles Audio - Audio, video, IR, switches, amps and distribution.
Nirvis Systems Inc. - CD/MP3 jukebox software, IR and X10 Sony S-link control, digital A/V routing/switching.
Palmbutler - Connect a PC to a TV (with a coax cable) with a remote control and software.
Pragmatic Communications Systems, Inc. - Multi-room A/V distribution and control on a cat5 wire, wireless A/V, and tuners.
Russound - A/V Distribution and control systems.
SmartLinc's ProbeLinc - A/V sensors to tell when a device is on or off.
Sony S-Link Unofficial Resource Center - Information and discussion about Sony's A/V communication protocol.
Sony Stuff - Technical information related to Sony products and their communication protocols.
Sunbelt Industries - Display text on standard video, caller ID on TV, and closed-caption grabber.
Vaux Electronics - Whole-house A/V products with remote controllers and keypads.
VidSecure Inc. - Remote video monitoring, cameras, and other surveillance equipment.
Whole House Audio Tutorial - An online tutorial to whole-house audio systems.
Wintek Software Company - Software and hardware to control Pioneer and Sony CD audio mega-changers.
Home Automation - Home Networking
ACA Apex Ltd - Manufacturer of network cacle system products including the CMOS (Compact Mini Office System) designed for the SOHO markets.
Baardsen Software - Information on RS485-based home control.
CEBus - CEBus home networking standard and Home Plug & Play.
Controller Area Network (CAN) - Communications protocol for devices.
Das Intelligente Haus - German language site with information about the EIB home automation network standard.
Domosys - A provider of power line communication technology to the control network market.
Echelon - Originators of the LonWorks home networking standard.
Enikia - A powerline home network for computers and appliances.
Global Cache - Manufactures the GC-100 Home Network Adapter, which connects a home network to any IR, serial, or relay device, allowing it to be controlled using PC based software.
HAVi - A network standard for communication between Audio/Video devices in the home.
Heimnetzwerke - German site with links, books and a general introduction about home networking.
Home Networking News - Networking newsletter with online news updates.
home PC network (hPCn) - Information about home PC networking.
Home Phoneline Networking Alliance (HomePNA) - An association of companies formed to agree on a phoneline networking standard.
Homelogics - New York City and Scottsdale, Arizona automation and networking.
HomeNetHelp - Do-it-yourself home networking information.
Intellicom - LonWorks-based products and information.
Intellon Corporation - Designers of powerline and RF communications systems.
IP HomeNet - England based manufacturer of a CAT5 cabling system supporting a range of services.
ITRAN Communications Ltd. - CEBus compliant powerline communications chips.
Jini - Sun's protocol for communication between electronic devices using Java.
Jini Community - Resources and information for the Jini community.
Lantronix - Software and hardware to add ethernet support to embedded devices.
Metricom Corporation - Designers of a high performance, low-cost powerline carrier transceiver ASIC.
NORDX-CDT Inc. - Home networking modular centers, cabling, and outlets.
PLM-24 Power Line Modem - A device that can be used to send and receive data over your power lines.
SNAP Protocol - The Scaleable Node Address Protocol, in-house networking protocol designed for the PLM-24.
TECHASOFT - Power line communication system.
Zensys Z-Wave - Wireless RF mesh network for control and status reading applications.